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Home Delivery Causing a Problem in California’s Marijuana Market



California may have legalized marijuana for all adults, but that does not mean everything is running smoothly. With the market in California emerging very quickly, there is still a lot to work out. One of the main points of contention in the state right now is whether or not to allow home deliveries.

Home deliveries have been happening in California for some time now. Until recently though, not everyone could receive them. Some counties and communities have banned commercial pot sales, and that includes home deliveries. Those that live in these communities had to venture outside of it if they wanted to purchase legal marijuana. The state Bureau of Cannabis Control has changed this regulation, allowing home delivery pot sales to occur throughout the state, even in communities that ban the sale of pot elsewhere.

“It is a little shocking that this is even an issue,” says Jo-Anna Nieves of The Nieves Law Firm. “We are talking about something that is legal throughout the state. If companies want to offer delivery and customers want to take advantage of that, it should not even be a question. They should be allowed to do so based on the legality of the substance, no matter what it is.”

The Bureau and the public agrees. Before home deliveries were possible, there were some that could not purchase legal marijuana simply because their community did not allow for it. Many throughout the state say that disallowing home deliveries for some creates an illicit market, something legalization was meant to dissolve.

Not everyone agrees that home deliveries should occur statewide, though. Police chiefs have argued that it undermines the municipalities that have banned pot sales. Some even say it goes directly against Proposition 64, which states that local governments have the right to ban marijuana businesses that serve no medical purpose.

Making it even more difficult is the fact that while there are currently regulations in place, there is no actual legislation pertaining to home deliveries. Many believe that until there is, these types of disputes will continue.


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