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Polls: Who Do You Think Is Going to Win Fairfax County Dem Primaries on June 11?


UPDATE Saturday 5:50 am: I left these up a bit longer than I had intended, basically because I totally spaced on taking them down Friday morning. Anyway, the polls are now closed. Blue Virginia readers who responded believe that the Alicia Plerhoples will be nominated by Democrats for Chair; that Steve Descano will win the Commonwealth’s Attorney race; that Erika Yalowitz will win in Providence District; that James Walkinshaw will win in Braddock District; that Larysa Kautz will win in Lee District; and that Walter Alcorn will win in Hunter Mill District.


Regardless of who you support in these Fairfax County Democratic primaries, who do you think is going to win on June 11? If you want to talk about your reasoning as to who you think is going to win, or if you want to talk about who you support, you can do that in the comments section. I’ll leave these polls up until Friday morning.

Fairfax County Board Chair: Tim Chapman vs. Ryan McElveen vs. Jeff McKay vs. Alicia Plerhoples

Hunter Mill District Supervisor: Walter Alcorn vs. Laurie Dodd vs. Shyamali Hauth vs. Parker Messick vs. Maggie Parker

Lee District Supervisor: Kelly Hebron vs. Larysa Kautz vs. Rodney Lusk vs. James Migliaccio

Braddock District Supervisor: Irma Corado vs. James Walkinshaw

Providence District Supervisor: Linh Hoang vs. Edythe Kelleher vs. Phil Niedzelski-Eichner vs. Dalia Palchik vs. Erika Yalowitz

Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney: Steve Descano vs. Ray Morrogh


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