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Final Results of Polls on Who BV Readers Think Is Going to Win the Dem Primaries for House of Delegates on June 11


UPDATED 11:40 am Thursday – The polls are now closed. Blue Virginia readers who responded believe that the following candidates will win their primaries on Tuesday: Laura Galante in HD18, Cathy Copeland in HD26, Andres Jimenez in HD38, Del. Alfonso Lopez in HD49, Del. Lee Carter in HD50, Del. Luke Torian in HD52, Sally Hudson in HD57, Lindsey Dougherty in HD62, Akshay Bhamidipati in HD87, Jess Foster in HD88, Martha Mugler in HD91, Rebecca Leser in HD96. We’ll see in a few more days…


Regardless of who you support in these House of Delegates Democratic primaries, who do you think is going to win on June 11? If you want to talk about your reasoning as to who you think is going to win, or if you want to talk about who you support, you can do that in the comments section. I’ll leave these polls up until Thursday mid-day.

HD18: Laura Galante vs. Tristan Shields

HD26: Cathy Copeland vs. Brent Finnegan

HD38: Andres Jimenez vs. Del. Kaye Kory

HD49: Del. Alfonso Lopez vs. J.D. Spain

HD50: Del. Lee Carter vs. Mark Wolfe

HD52: Del. Luke Torian vs. Kevin Wade

HD57: Kathy Galvin vs. Sally Hudson

HD62: Lindsey Dougherty vs. Tavorise Marks

HD87: Hassan Ahmad vs. Akshay Bhamidipati vs. Johanna Gusman vs. Suhas Subramanyam

HD88: Kecia Evans vs. Jess Foster

HD91: Martha Mugler vs. Michael Wade

HD96: Mark Downey vs. Rebecca Leser vs. Chris Mayfield


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