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Video: Pete Buttigieg Speaks in Arlington, Says We’re In a “Once or Twice-in-a-Lifetime Moment Where an Era Begins”

Buttigieg: Next era "could be very enlightened [or] very ugly"


Thanks to an attendee for sharing his video (see below) of Pete Buttigieg speaking in an Arlington, VA backyard last night. According to ArlNow: “We’re told Buttigieg confidently answered questions ranging from labor relations to how he would campaign against President Trump to “whether the American Dream was still alive.” Former Energy Secretary and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was also in attendance, we’re told.” In his introductory remarks, Buttigieg said, among other things, that:

“We seem to be in a moment that has presented itself as a hinge point between eras in American history, that if it feels strange or chaotic or illegible, it is because we’re in my view living on one of those blank pages in between chapters in the American story. And what it means is it confers on us the pressure and the opportunity that goes with being at the beginning of an era. In other words, what happens in the next three or four years will likely decide how the next 30 or 40 years of Democratic and Republican administrations are able to govern – because of one of those kind of once or twice in a lifetime moments where an era begins. I think the next era could be very enlightened and I think it could be very ugly, and then that falls to us.”


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