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Far-Right, Mark Levin-Endorsed Geary Higgins Asks, “Is There No Civility Left?”


On a day when one of the principal founders of the modern anti-immigrant movement died, the current CEO of the movement stood before a large gathering of unAmerican Brownshirts chanting “Send her back!”

It’s in this context that I receive an email asking, “Is there no civility left?”

However, the email doesn’t reference the stunning lack of civility this President has normalized. Nor does it speak to the uncivilized and inhumane treatment of immigrants in our country, inspired by powerful white supremacists promoting hateful ideas like this:

“As Whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?”

Instead, the email comes from Geary Higgins, who suffered a setback in his effort to rebrand himself as a moderate that could credibly challenge John Bell for Senate District 13:

For those who are unaware, Geary Higgins is endorsed by Mark Levin, who has made an entire career out of sexist attacks against Democratic women like Nancy Pelosi, and more recently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, while also finding hateful ways to denigrate immigrants, dismiss Black victims of police violence, and promote LGBT discrimination. Further, Geary Higgins was one of the three Supervisors (out of nine Republican Supervisors at the time) who refused to censure corrupt hatemonger Eugene Delgaudio, and he led the opposition against removal of the confederate statue in Leesburg, erected in 1908 as part of a regional campaign to intimidate African Americans.

And as a reminder, Geary Higgins just recently put out this horrifying, fearmongering, anti-immigrant campaign piece:

If Higgins is truly interested in civility, he can begin by calling out his pals Donald Trump, Mark Levin, and Corey Stewart. He can call out Suzanne Volpe, running for reelection to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, who once walked up to a 12 year old girl, who was helping her dad hand out campaign lit, and said, “the person that you’re helping wants to kill babies”. He can call out Dick Black and mini-dick Mick Staton. Or he could just look in the mirror and call himself out.

Until then, there will be #NoCivility.



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