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“Beyond Charlottesville”: Terry McAuliffe’s Alibi Tour


by Dan Sullivan

A police vehicle had been stationed blocking the street where Heather Heyer was killed. The officer was told to relocate. It wasn’t clear to the officer how to respond, so the vehicle was moved. Nothing seemed clear that day. Maybe Terry McAuliffe has explained the failures to lead. Or not.

It is easy to take a stand against white nationalism. Less simple is any effort to explain what happened and failed to happen on the ground during the day of August 12, 2017. Beyond Charlottesville? Not quite yet.

A Charlottesville City Council member at the time expresses the collective outrage of the officials who suffered the indecisiveness and lack of leadership demonstrated during the run up to and during the events tragically culminating in death and injury. Virginia is a Dillon rule state. The ball was undeniably in the Governor’s court. Now he’s reaching for a mulligan.

Terry McAuliffe’s book tour kicked off in New York yesterday, not Charlottesville. It will be interesting to compare and contrast the details. He makes appeals for the Heather Heyer Foundation and the Virginia State Police Association. There is no mention of the benefactor of the profits from the book.




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