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New Poll of Virginia Latinx/Hispanic Voters: Trump Getting Clobbered, Seriously Underperforming 2016 Exit Polling


Hat tip to Virginia Mercury on this one – a new survey of Latinx/Hispanic voters in key states, including Virginia. Here are some key takeaways for Virginia:

  • Trump has a 20%-63% (-43 points) approval rating in Virginia among Latinx/Hispanic voters.
  • Only 24% approve of Trump’s handling of immigration and just 29% approve of Trump’s handling of healthcare. The only good sign for Trump is that 50% approve of his handling of the economy, which I’d note makes no sense, as Trump inherited the strong Obama economy and is now in the process of screwing it up.
  • There’s a big gender gap in Virginia and in other states among Latinx/Hispanic voters, with Trump *really* unpopular among women (just 21% in Virginia approve of Trump).
  • On healthcare, Virginia Latinx/Hispanic voters by a 2:1 margin (64%-32%) want to protect Obamacare, not repeal it. They’d also prefer, by a 56%-33% margin, “Medicare-for-All” than repealing Obamacare.
  • By a nearly 2:1 margin (63%-32%), Virginia Latinx/Hispanic voters agree that ” Women’s health care decisions, including abortion, should be made by her privately along with her doctors, family, and her own beliefs.”
  • By an overwhelming 79%-15% margin, Virginia Latinx/Hispanic voters support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
  • Check out the following graphic, which shows Trump doing horribly among Virginia Latinx/Hispanic voters, with 63% saying they prefer a Democrat and only 20% choosing to re-elect Trump. Among the 17% undecided, very few “lean towards Trump,” with three times as many leaning towards the Democrat.

  • Finally, check out this graphic, which shows Trump underperforming his 2016 exit poll performance among Latinx/Hispanic voters – just 20% now say they’d vote to re-elect him, compared to 30% who said they voted for him in 2016. So much “winning” for Trump, eh? LOL


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