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Good News for Fairfax County Democrats, Courtesy of School Board Member Ilryong Moon (D) [UPDATED with Reactions]


UPDATE Saturday AM: Also, see below for some reaction…

As you may recall, back on July 22, Fairfax County School Board member Ilryong Moon (D) announced that he was quitting the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, amid concerns that he could stay on the ballot – despite not winning the Democratic endorsement on May 22 – potentially helping elect 1-2 Republicans by splitting the Democratic vote. Clearly, this has been a source of concern to Fairfax County Democrats for much of the summer, and for good reason.

Well now, as the summer winds to an end and school starts up again, good news: Ilryong Moon sent out an email (see below) earlier today, announcing that he would, after all, “be officially withdrawing my candidacy in the upcoming school board election.” Phew – that’s a relief! Now, let’s focus on electing all the Democratic-endorsed Fairfax County School Board candidates (Karen Keys Gamarra, Rachna Sizemore-Heizer and Abrar Omeish, Karl Frisch, Laura Jane Cohen, Ricardy Anderson, Melanie Meren, Elaine Tholen, Stella Pekarsky, Megan McLaughlin, Tammy Kaufax and Karen Corbett Sanders) this November 5.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to let you know that this coming week I will be officially withdrawing my candidacy in the upcoming school board election. I have always been mindful of the deadline by which I will need to withdraw to avoid having my name appear on the ballot.

I want to thank you for all the encouraging words of advice and counsel you have provided me over the last several months. They have meant a lot to me. As for this year’s election, I am planning to focus my efforts on several races where I feel that I can be most helpful in making a positive impact in electing Democrats. With so many current school board members retiring, we must elect the most qualified and competent candidates who have the best interest of our students in mind.

It has truly been an honor for me to work for our Fairfax County students and communities as a school board member for two decades. As a loyal Democrat, I will join the other like-minded Democrats to continue fighting for progressive values and ideals. 

Again, thank you for your friendship, and I wish you a pleasant Labor Day weekend.


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