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Video: In Richmond, Human Rights Campaign Holds Announces Major Investment in Virginia House and Senate Races


See below as newly-installed Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Alphonso David makes a special announcement regarding a major investment in the 2019 Virginia legislative elections. Joining Alfphonso David are Delegate Danica Roem (HD-13), Sheila Bynum Coleman (HD-66), Ghazala Hashmi (SD-10), Delegate Debra Rodman (SD-12), Amy Laufer (SD-17), Senator Adam Ebbin (SD-30), Joshua Cole (HD-28), Mavis Taintor (HD-33), Dan Helmer (HD-40), Delegate Hala Ayala (HD-51), Delegate Dawn Adams (HD-68), Len Myers (HD-81), Nancy Guy (HD-83), Shelly Simonds (HD-94), and possibly others.

According to David:

“We are here today to say no more…to discrimination…Nearly 2/3 of LGBT Americans report having experienced discrimination in their everyday lives…Speaker Cox and Leader Hugo have played politics with the lives of LGBTQ people…have blocked critical protections…Enough is enough. Today, the Human Rights Campaign is announcing the most expansive endorsements and investments ever in the state of Virginia…aimed at flipping the state legislature and removing Speaker Cox and Leader Hugo from office. We are endorsing 27 candidates in both the House and the Senate…These endorsements mark the largest field, digital and direct mail program the Human Rights Campaign has ever developed in the state of Virginia….It is our commitment…to vote out candidates who do not support equality.”

House Democratic Leader Eileen Filler-Corn:

“Thank you for showing such a strong commitment to our candidates…and flipping our legislature blue this November…We are allies with you…Sadly, this path has been blocked time and time again by a brick wall of ‘no’ built by the Republican leadership in the House of Delegates…No one should be mistreated who they are or who they love, yet Republican leadership here in Richmond continuously prevents us and stops us from passing such legislation…You can rest assured that when Democrats win the  majority in the House of Delegates, civil rights will be front and center…”

Sheila Bynum-Coleman:

“Kirk Cox, the man who is responsible for holding Virginia back…Elections are about choices, and the contrast in this election could not be clearer…Cox failed all Virginians…I’ve been to too many funerals…Gun safety and protection for LGBTQ Americans are issues that go hand in hand and are now more essential than ever…Kirk Cox’s Virginia is not the Virginia that we want or deserve…Voters will treat his actions unkindly…”