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Video: Nancy Guy’s First Ad Makes It Clear – HD83 “can do better and we must”


See below for the first ad from Democrat Nancy Guy for Delegate

Of course, as is often the case, just because someone has a nice personality or seems “moderate” doesn’t mean they actually *are* “moderate.” In Stolle’s case, for instance, a quick check of Project Vote Smart finds that he’s gotten a bunch of zero ratings from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia; high ratings from the NRA and VCDL; low ratings (lots of zeroes) from the Virginia AFL-CIO; high ratings from the American Conservative Union; etc. And, as Del. Rip Sullivan’s “Flip-A-District Friday” recently pointed out, Stolle “has voted to redirect funding to private, religious, and charter schools multiple times in the last two years. Before that, in 2017, the Virginia Education Association gave him a 25 percent rating, when he took several votes that would shift funding away from public schools like those struggling in Virginia Beach.”

In stark contrast to Stolle, for Democrat Nancy Guy, “supporting public education has long been her passion.” Also, unlike Stolle’s mealy-mouthed nonsense on the climate crisis, Guy says clearly, “It is our duty to recognize that the cause is climate change and take steps to correct the problem.” And, unlike Stolle, who “voted multiple times for the law requiring women who seek an abortion to first have an ultrasound and be shown a picture of the fetus,” Guy “feels that it is not the role of government to dictate that a woman must become a mother.” Finally, unlike Stolle, who “has an ‘A’ rating from the NRA (93%) and has voted against even such common sense controls as the one gun a month purchase limitation,” Guy “supports common sense controls like universal back ground checks and limits on the volume of gun purchases.”

In sum, this choice is an easy one – Nancy Guy is by far the better of the two candidates in this race. With that, here’s what Nancy Guy has to say about her ad. I encourage everyone to help her defeat Chris Stolle on November 5!

“Today, I’m excited to release our first ad. For decades, politicians in Richmond have failed to uphold their promise to the next generation of Virginians. This election isn’t about me. This election is about fully funding our public education system and paying our teachers fairly. It’s about defending a woman’s reproductive rights. It’s about standing up to the corporate gun lobby and passing common-sense gun safety laws. It’s about protecting our environment and addressing the threat of sea level rise. It’s about ensuring that every Virginian has access to quality, affordable healthcare. My opponent has had a decade to address these issues. We can’t wait another decade. We can do better and we must.”



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