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With Absolutely Nothing Positive to Offer, Panicked They’re Going to Lose Control, Virginia GOP Goes All-Out for Fear, Anger, Bigotry


With absolutely nothing positive to offer Virginians, and rightfully panicked that they’re on the verge of losing control of their last redoubts of political power in this state, Virginia Republicans are going for their time-(dis)honored, “go-to” strategy when there’s absolutely nothing else to say: ratchet up the fear, hysteria, anger and bigotry. See below for some current examples, including:

  • Far-right Del. Nick Freitas (R-HD30) ranting and raving about how, if Virginia House Democrats win on November 5, they’re going to “bring Antifa into leadership.”  Freitas also is out there claiming that Democrats are going to do all kinds of horrible things, basically destroying the Virginia economy, taking everyone’s guns away from them, setting up abortion shops on every street corner or whatever, blah blah blah. Of course, it’s all 100% false and ridiculous, but that’s not going to stop Freitas from spewing away.
  • 2016 Virginia Trump co-chair and right-wing radio host John Fredericks claiming that if Democrats take over the House and Senate, it means “a nuclear winter and political Armageddon.” Can they be any more blatant about their strategy, to crank up the fear and hysteria levels among their “base” to “11?”
  • Sen. Bryce Reeves (R-SD17) arguing hysterically that there will be “leftist radicals at the gates” if Democrats win on November 5. Sensing a pattern here?
  • Sen. Richard Stuart (R-SD28) attacking his Democratic opponent, Qasim Rashid, on what Stuart calls “Islamic terrorism”; on supposedly being a “radical socialist voice”; on supporting “open borders” and…of course, on supporting a proposal of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (she’s an all-purpose villain for Republicans right now).

Anyway, that appears to be the Virginia Republican game plan over the next 70 days. It’s complete crap, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be effective in energizing the Trumpster “base” to turn out and vote on November 5. Which means that Democrats are going to need strong messaging of our own, as well as a great ground game and other measures to make sure OUR base turns out in big numbers. Remember, this election is a huge opportunity for Democrats to finally take control of the state legislature and to pass strong, progressive legislation. Let’s not let Republican fear mongering and demagoguery win the day!


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