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Democrat Kenny Boddye Calls on John Gray to Withdraw and Calls on Ruth Anderson to Condemn Gray


From the Kenny Boddye for Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Occoquan district, campaign.


LAKE RIDGE, Virginia – Kenny Boddye, Democratic nominee for Occoquan Supervisor, joined several elected officials and candidates Thursday afternoon for a press conference in response to offensive tweets by Republican Prince William Board Candidate John Gray, and silence on the part of Republican Occoquan Supervisor Ruth Anderson.

“John Gray has proven in his statements to be out of step with Prince William County,” Kenny Boddye said in a prepared statement. “In a county which is majority non-white, we have a Chairman Candidate who has made racist statements about black and brown people, and has made light of gun violence against communities of color. In a county which almost one-in-four people come from another country, we have a Chairman Candidate who has made xenophobic statements against immigrants and the Latinx community, and Islamaphobic statements against people of the Muslim faith. Finally, in a county in which we have many successful woman-owned businesses – especially in the Town of Occoquan – we have a Chairman Candidate who has disparaged women, made sexist statements, and even mocked survivors of sexual assault.

John Gray is unfit to hold any elected office, let alone Chairman of the most diverse county in Virginia. He must withdraw his candidacy immediately.”

Boddye joined a press conference organized by State Senator Scott A. Surovell (D-SD36) which included State Senator Jeremy McPike (D-SD29), Delegate John Bell (D-HD87), Coles Supervisor Candidate Raheel Sheikh, Brentsville Supervisor Candidate Maggie Hansford, Chair Candidate Ann Wheeler, Commonwealth’s Attorney Candidate Amy Ashworth, Prince William County Democratic Committee Chair & Vice Chair Collin Robinson & Tonya James, and several supporters.

“Someone who makes light of the challenges of marginalized groups cannot and not be in charge of land use or budgetary decisions in our county,” Boddye continued. “He has an obvious bias against people from diverse backgrounds, and cannot be trusted to uplift all communities in Prince William County as opposed to just a chosen few.”

“I call upon my Republican Opponent – Ruth Anderson – to publicly condemn John Gray, especially in light of the fact that he has tried to represent the Occoquan District in at least three separate capacities at this point. To be silent in the face of bigotry is to tacitly support it. Those views are not held by any of the voters I’ve spoken to at the doors in our district. If she will not condemn John Gray, Ruth Anderson is also unfit to be Supervisor.”

For more information on Kenny Boddye, please go to http://kennyforsupervisor.com/ For follow-up or interview requests, please contact the Press Representative listed above.


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