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Family Feud: Denver Riggleman vs. Rappahannock GOP

Local GOP discuss censure and possible primary of Congressman 


From the DCCC:

Family Feud: Denver Riggleman vs. Rappahannock GOP

Local GOP discuss censure and possible primary of Congressman 

Nobody wins when the family feuds…

Denver Riggleman knows he has a tough race ahead of him. Turns out winning reelection just got a bit more complicated for the Congressman.

First, the DCCC added the vulnerable Republican to its offensive battlefield, signaling that the seat is indeed in play.

Then, Riggleman accepted and promoted the endorsement of Jerry Falwell, Jr. a man who has found himself in some serious hot water.

Then, indicating the toll public scrutiny is taking on him, when Riggleman was asked by a local radio host if he likes his job, the Congressman replied “do I like the job? I do not.”

Now, as if that all wasn’t enough, Riggleman’s own party is turning against him. Last week, the Rappahannock County Republicans decided “by decisive vote” to censure Riggleman, stating that Riggleman “has failed to represent the will of the constituents of Rappahannock County and has reneged on the promises and representations he made at the time of his nomination and election.”

The Resolution also took Riggleman to task for the ways he “has failed adequately to communicate with or to listen to his constituents, and has voted repeatedly in brazen disregard for our wishes while supporting the interests of multinational corporations, foreign governments and K Street lobbyists.”

Rappahannock News even reported that a “serious challenger” will primary Denver before November.

“From censure from his own party to rumored primary challengers, things are most certainly getting ugly for the already vulnerable Denver Riggleman. Congressman Riggleman’s rocky first year in office is a precursor to the tough race he’s going to have to run if he hopes to hold this seat come next November,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett.


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