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Here’s the DNC Climate Debate Roll Call Vote

Virginia DNC members voted 10-3 against holding a climate debate.


It’s taken about two weeks for the DNC climate debate roll call vote (“Motion 1”), held in San Francisco on August 24, to come out (it appears to have leaked, actually) but it finally has – see below. As RL Miller of Climate Hawks Vote explains, A Yes vote (column 1) is the pro-@tomperez /anti-climate position and a No vote is the pro-climate position.”  In the end, the DNC voted against holding a climate debate, although it didn’t forbid “town hall” forums, like the one put on by CNN Wednesday night.

Regarding the DNC members from Virginia, it looks like ten members (Yohannes Abraham, Marc Broklawski, Steven Cochran, Doris Crouse-Mays, Frank Leone, Christopher Lu, Leopoldo Martinez, Jennifer McClellan, Susan Swecker, Jeion Ward) voted against holding a separate climate debate and just three members (Morgan Jameson, Atima Omara, Yasmine Taeb) voted FOR a climate debate. Personally, I would have voted to hold a separate climate debate, given the urgency/existential nature of the crisis and also the fact that maintaining a livable planet “intersects” with every other issue. As for the DNC’s argument against holding a climate debate, there’s this (“the DNC already has a debate system in place and needs to stick by it”) and this (“DNC Chair Tom Perez initially shot down the suggestion, arguing such a move would open the floodgates for other single-issue debates”). Neither argument seems at all compelling to me; how about you?


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