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In a Political World of Fear, Money & Greed, I’m Running on Compassion, Mercy & Ethics


by Beverley Harrison (D-VA15):

Fear, greed, and money seem to be prime motivators not only in society but in politics. Certainly they are a reality in many political campaigns. Because money drives politics, candidates are forced to spend hours fundraising instead of having meaningful conversations with potential constituents. Some campaigns capitalize on fear instead of faith, and greed instead of giving.

Today I had a migraine that gave me some unexpected hours to pull back and look at my own campaign and why I’m running. Turns out it is to alleviate suffering.

We suffer in a myriad of ways — I’ve met people who have hungry children, some need a living wage job, and others need help keeping the family farm afloat. Depression, addiction, abuse are often unseen but the suffering is just as powerful.

I am a candidate in a tough race who is running against an incumbent funded by big money. It has been tough getting my name out so that people know he has an opponent after ten very long years. I’m not running for special interests like the NRA, tobacco, cable, or beer — or any desire to be a career politician.

I’m running for people.  Grandparents, kids, parents, business owners, and folks like my mom who suffered with dementia. I’m running for my local people and all Virginians, as well as every single American who believes in the Equal Rights Amendment (I’ll help get it in the Constitution, unlike my opponent who blocked Virginia’s ratification vote).

I’m running because we all have value and we need legislators who recognize that value and want to help every single person they will represent. If you want to support my race, the link is below. The money will be used to get my name out in the community and get out the vote via signs and mail pieces. It’s long past time we flip business-as-usual politics on its head and I’m ready to do exactly that.

My story starts here but it’s just the beginning. My name is Beverly Harrison. Please say it everywhere you can. I am running for the District 15 seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.


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