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Video: Before First Debate of Reelection Campaign, PW County School Board Chair Babur Lateef Lays Out the Stakes of This Election [UPDATED]


UPDATED 7:17 pm – See below for video of the debate.
Very well said by Prince William County School Board Chair Babur Lateef, who is doing a great job and richly deserves reelection on November 5 – go Babur!

P.S. See transcript below the video.

Good evening everyone, my name is Babur Lateef, and I’m Chairman of the Prince William County School Board. I’m here at the Red Rose banquet center, about to start my first debate for the re-election campaign. I’m going to share with everyone this evening our success that we’ve had over the last school year.

We’ve improved student success, safety, security, space and infrastructure and salaries. I’m excited to share that success with all of you, but I need all of your help in helping me elect Democrats up and down the ballot. So we can get more funding for our schools, I need folks like Ann Wheeler to be elected chair of the County Board of Supervisors, other supervisors Kenny Boddye, Maggie Hansford, Danny Funderburk, Andrea Bailey, Victor Angry and Margaret Franklin. I need them to be elected to help me get the money we need to support our students.

I need help with the State House of Delegates. I need to re elect we need to reelect Delegate Roem, Lee Carter, Elizabeth Guzman, Hala Ayala. We need to really like Jennifer Carroll Foy to make sure we take the House to get more funding for our schools. And last, we need to flip the Senate. We need to reelect Jeremy McPike and Scott Surovell and make sure we elect John Bell. If we get all of that help, we’re gonna have the most fantastic school system in the nation. I need your help thank. 



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