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Video: Gene Rossi Believes Political Pressure Being Applied to Prosecute Andrew McCabe Because He Had the “Audacity” to Criticize Trump


See below for video of former/long-time federal prosecutor (and 2017 Democratic LG candidate) Gene Rossi last night on “The Beat with Ari Melber,” sharing his thoughts on the “effort to get the person [former Deputy Director and Acting Director of the FBI Adrew McCabe] who was running the Russia probe indicted.” According to Rossi:

  • “No, it doesn’t [appear on the level]. And here’s what troubles me the most, Ari…is i worked there for 30 years, DOJ, and you get the strong feeling that there is political pressure being imposed on the Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney and law enforcement to go after Andrew McCabe because he had the audacity to be a CNN analyst and make derogatory comments about the President of of the United States.”
  • “And the thing that really bothers me even more is that after his stellar career, within 48 hours of his retirement, they fired him. I’m not being facetious, but the actions they took against Andrew McCabe is like killing a mosquito with an AR-15. They won’t let it go. And here’s the thing you have to consider as a prosecutor. Do you have the elements of the crime, which is debatable?  Is there a federal interest in indicting Andrew McCabe? And the third is, is there a remedy besides charging him?  And the remedy here is he was fired…He didn’t even get his government pension.
  • “Big picture is this. A grand jury is 23 people. You need 12 votes to return… the charging document. What this means is one of two things. One, they couldn’t get 12 votes to return an indictment.  If that’s the case, and that could be very rare, then they have a duty to inform McCabe that he’s not going to be charged. If they are still gathering evidence, which is a possibility, then they will use that grand jury or get a new one and continue the investigation. Those are the two possibilities. But if they rejected the indictment, they should tell Andrew McCabe straight up.”


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