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Video: Josh Cole (D-HD28) – “This Is My Story”


Joshua Cole, the Democratic nominee in HD28, is out with a video entitled, “This Is My Story” – check it out, below. Note that HD28 is a Stafford County/Fredericksburg City district won by both Ralph Northam in 2017 (by 3 points) and Tim Kaine in 2018 (by 12 points), so this election – against a right-wingnutty Republican – is definitely winnable. Oh, and in 2017, Cole came soooo close to winning this district, getting 49.73% of the vote, in an election that featured serious concerns/confusion over “split precincts.”

In this video, Cole explains how, in 2010, he “was the youngest priest ordained in the organization,” and how “a lot of people who are fighting on the right, saying this is what the Bible says, but no one is really fighting for what Jesus told us to do – to love thy neighbor as thyself.” In contrast, Cole pledges to “fight for every citizen of the 28th district…to raise the state minimum wage…to fight to make sure women have their own bodily autonomy…to make sure that we are building our students up, equipping them to be productive citizens.”

Good stuff; let’s help this excellent candidate win on November 5!


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