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Video: Stacey Abrams Fires Up Prince William County Democratic Candidates; Time for Virginia Voters to “Push Aside Racism, Sexism, Xenophobia…Basically Anything that Trump Represents”


Have I mentioned recently how much I love Stacey Abrams? If not, let me just repeat it: I *love* Stacey Abrams – the way she carries herself, what she has to say, what she’s working on, the courage with which she confronts right-wing bullies and voter suppression, etc. Of course, Abrams should have been GOVERNOR Abrams right now, if it weren’t for massive voter suppression of people of color in Georgia, but I’m hoping for bigger and better things for her regardless – Vice President is my current favorite idea for her, then president at some point. But one thing at a time. 🙂  This morning, Abrams was in Prince William County campaign for Democrats like Del. Hala Ayala, Del. Elizabeth Guzman, etc. See below for video and photos of this excellent event.

By the way, in her remarks, Abrams stressed the importance of expanding the right to vote, as well as the Republican war on voting. Abrams said she doesn’t “want to go to the Senate,” but instead is working on expanding the right to vote. According to Abrams, Virginia is “front and center leading that battle.”

  • “In 2008, Virginia led the way, showing that the South is ready to lead the country and go blue.”
  • “What Virginia is showing America is that we don’t have to just play defense, we can go on offense, we can start to say that democracy is real in America again.”
  • “In 2019…you all have the chance to transform by winning these seats this year…that this is a state that will lead us forward with people who look like America…to fight for the values of America and who represent the needs of our people.”
  • “We don’t do this just to get a title…the title doesn’t matter as much as the work matters…to represent you, to show you what you can become and what we can become as a nation that renews its belief in its people, that pushes aside racism and sexism and xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia — basically anything that Trump represents.”
  • A “fitting tribute” would be for Virginia to show the nation “what 2020 is going to look like.”

Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Stacey Abrams, Del. Elizabeth Guzman, Del. Hala Ayala

Prince William County School Board Chair Babur Lateef, who we need to reelect on November 5!

UPDATE: Some great photos by photographer Mike Beaty.


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