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Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-NRA) Ripped on Her Own Facebook Page After “Shoot Down Gun Groups” Ad Backfires Spectacularly

"Somehow it is always someone else's fault with you....Sad"


The other day, as you may recall, Democratic SD11 nominee Amanda Pohl called out incumbent Sen. Amanda Chase (R-NRA) for her “disturbing” “extremism,” “rhetoric and threats,” following Chase’s campaign running a Facebook ad claiming she’s “not afraid to shoot down gun groups.”  Many others also condemned Chase for using that type of language. In response, Chase’s campaign pulled the ad, with Chase posting yesterday on her Facebook page:

This has nothing to do with me toning down my message; it has everything to do with the digital media company we just recently hired screwing up our original approved ad.

They edited our authorized and approved ad with one that was ludicrous and over the top with one we would never have approved.

The ludicrous unauthorized digital ad read, “I’m not afraid to shoot down gun groups.” Sign the petition to put an end to the assault on our liberties.”

The digital ad we authorized read, “I’m not afraid to shoot down any attacks by anti-gun groups, because gun rights are women’s rights.” Sign the petition to put an end to the assault on our liberties.”

The company representative we worked with has admitted fault and we’ve requested an apology from the company’s owners before noon Monday or we release the name of the company.

No one in my organization would ever approve the ad they released. It’s complete incompetence on their part which their company representative admits.

In response, people have so far left 368 comments, many of which are…well, see for yourself; here are some of the top-rated ones. (note: a common theme is Chase’s complete inability/unwillingness to ever take any responsibility for her own actions, and always to blame someone else for her screwups)

  • 34 “likes”: “No. That isn’t how Facebook pages work. You still have to make the post even if someone else made a graphic for you. The language was in the post, not the graphic.”
  • 28 “likes”: “Yet, it ran for quite a while before you were called out. And then it was suddenly a ‘mistake’. Somehow it is always someone else’s fault with you. Printers, police officers, ‘the media’, Sad. Not a leader. #votePohl
  • 26 “likes”: “Im a lifelong Republican and you lost my vote”
  • 22 “likes”: “I think using the phrase ‘shoot down’ in any context right now is in poor taste.”
  • 19 “likes”: “But someone in your organization posted the ad. Or are you saying that the digital media company created and then posted the ad on your fb page? How dumb do you think we are? What about the complete incompetence of someone from your organization posting the ad to your fb page?”
  • 15 “likes”: “Leaders take responsibility. Narcissists blame others. You are responsible for your campaign ads, period.”
  • 15 “likes”: “Too late, we already saw the original. All the spinning in the world won’t make it go away.”
  • 14 “likes”: “It’s always someone else’s fault…the ad company, the Capitol Police Officer, etc. Please just say ‘I’m sorry.’ It’s very easy and will go a long way.”
  • 13 “likes”: “Isn’t this straight up blackmail? Issue an apology or else I’ll damage your reputation… Nice. There is no one else to blame for this sloppiness but your campaign. You are supposed to be a leader, as such, take accountability for your actions. Stop blaming everyone else.”
  • 11 “likes”: “Wow it’s always somebody else’s false for stuff. You seem to NEVER have accountability, and yet you always blame others. It’s YOUR campaign. The buck stops with you.”
  • 10 “likes”: “How NOT to take responsibility ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Does anyone really believe someone can post on behalf on this page without Chase knowing? Come on!”

Anyway, let’s all help elect Democrat Amanda Pohl – the *good* Amanda – on November 5th.


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