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Audio: Sen. Amanda Chase, Kicked Out of the Chesterfield GOP, Reiterates She Will NOT Be Voting for the GOP Nominee; Cites Anti-Immigration Hate Group for False “Sanctuary City” Claim

Sheriff says Chase's claim a "total lie"


Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase (R?-SD11) is, if nothing else, a never-ending source of (unintended) hilarity. Now, she’s been kicked out of the Chesterfield GOP, and her explanation? In an interview this morning on hard-right Trumpster radio (“The John Fredericks Show” – listen to the audio, below), Chase:

  • Bragged that she has the “highest score with the Virginia ‘Tea Party‘”
  • Ripped the Chesterfield GOP as being part of a “Republican mafia” and that she “never had their support.”
  • Claimed she’s the “Chesterfield redneck that speaks on behalf of the people, not a party”
  • Said she’s “very concerned about ‘sanctuary cities‘” (of which Virginia has none) and ranted about “illegals” and that Chesterfield County is supposedly a “safe haven for criminals…not here illegally and are being released into the streets of Chesterfield.”
  • Said that voters are “sick of all this infighting, sick of Republicans not knowing how to win races” (well, that comment might actually be true, lol!)
  • As John Fredericks noted, the Chesterfield County Sheriff Karl Leonard said (correctly) that what Chase was claiming is a “total lie,” that “Chesterfield County was not a sanctuary county.”
  • To back up her nonsensical claim about Chesterfield County being a “sanctuary” for “illegals,” Chase cited the “Center for Immigration Studies,” which the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as “an anti-immigrant hate group,” “the go-to think tank for the anti-immigrant movement” with “a decades-long history of circulating racist writers, while also associating with white nationalists.”
  • Chase claimed she actually isn’t endorsing anyone for Sheriff, even though she was just kicked out of the Chesterfield GOP for attacking the Republican nominee for Sheriff and stated in this interview on the John Fredericks Show that she’ll be voting on November 5th for the Independent, “Tea Party” candidate for Sheriff – against the Republican nominee, Sheriff Karl Leonard.


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