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Video: Ghazala Hashmi Releases New TV Ads for Final Week of General Election

Sturtevant voted Republican Party line 90% of the time; "has turned to Donald Trump’s playbook"


From the Ghazala Hashmi for State Senate campaign:


RICHMOND, VA – Today, Ghazala Hashmi’s senate campaign released two new TV advertisements for the final week of the general election: Party Line and Page.

“With less than one week to election day, it’s important for us to spread Ghazala’s message and let voters know the truth about Sen. Sturtevant’s record with these new spots,” said campaign manager Philip Stein. “Supporters know that Ghazala will be a leader and a fighter to protect their communities and move Virginia forward.”

In just one week, Ghazala Hashmi seeks to flip the 10th senate district by beating Republican incumbent Glen Sturtevant, who has tried to play the “independent card” despite voting with his party over 90% of the time. The first ad, Party Lines, details his attempts to mislead voters:

“He doesn’t want you to know… but, in the State Senate, Glen Sturtevant voted the Republican Party line over 90 percent of the time, to deny health coverage to working people and let insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Sturtevant even got an A-rating from the NRA for blocking background checks. Gun safety advocates, teachers, and nurses agree: Ghazala Hashmi will be a strong voice for our families.”

In the final weeks of the campaign, Sturtevant has turned to Donald Trump’s playbook in an attempt to sow divisiveness in the 10th District and scare Virginians into voting against their best interest. Ghazala’s friends and colleagues speak out against Republican attacks on her character in the second spot, Page:

“It’s a page right out of Donald Trump’s playbook. Republicans in Virginia are trying to scare us by lying about Ghazala Hashmi. I’ve worked with Ghazala Hashmi; she’s an educator, and a mother, a fearless fighter. She’s not a career politician. She’ll take on the gun lobby to protect our families. Ghazala Hashmi will stand up to Republican attacks on health care and education and that’s why I’m standing up for her. She’ll be fighting for everyone. Ghazala Hashmi will make a great State Senator for all of us.”

Ghazala Hashmi immigrated to the United States from India 50 years ago, and she has lived in the 10th district for nearly 30 years. Hashmi wants to bring her diverse background, fresh ideas, and extensive experience to the Capitol, because as an educator of 25 years she understands the struggles that so many people in her district and across the Commonwealth face as they try to get ahead in life. Ghazala is focused on standing up for quality public education, affordable health care, and common-sense measures to reduce gun violence. The 10th district is the best pick up opportunity Virginia Democrats have in the Senate this year and thus their strongest chance to win back control of the chamber. For more information please visit www.ghazalahashmi.com


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