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Video, Photos: With 14 Days Until Virginia Votes, Alec Baldwin Campaigns for Democrat Amanda Pohl in SD11 [UPDATED]

Baldwin: There's not a clearer distinction in the country than between Amanda Pohl and Amanda Chase.


A bit earlier today, Alec Baldwin was in SD11 (Chesterfield/Colonial Heights/Amelia) campaigning for Democrat Amanda Pohl against far-right Republican Sen. Amanda Chase. See below for photos and video. According to Baldwin:

  • Amanda Pohl talked about her background, including being born in the district – her mother “gave birth to me in the front seat of a van when she was 18 years old on the side of the road in Moseley, Virginia, right down the street…She is a strong woman; she didn’t make it to the hospital because she had to do her work…It takes strong women to get work done here in Virginia, and that’s what we need.”
  • According to Pohl, as a hospital chaplain for more than 10 years, she has literally held the hands of people who literally died “because they didn’t have Medicaid expansion, because they didn’t have good health insurance...they were hard-working people who were just trying to make ends meet…my opponent, the other Amanda, was fighting to stop those same people from having Medicaid expansion, and that’s unacceptable to me.
  • Pohl also criticized Chase for opposing teacher raises and being “very proud” to fight against the Equal Rights Amendment. Pohl emphasized how this situation can change in the election in two weeks.
  • Alec Baldwin praised Amanda Pohl for stepping up and running, to “put[ting] herself through the rigors…a lot of smears, a lot of attacks, a lot of negativity,” and how a lot of people want to be elected but don’t want to go through the process to *get* elected.
  • Baldwin said that Pohl “exemplifies what I think you want in a public servant; this woman is exactly what you want, you couldn’t do any better.”
  • Baldwin pointed out that Chase had attacked him for an altercation he had had with someone over a parking spot, “and then I heard what happened to her” re: her own berating of a Virginia Capitol Police officer over a parking spot.
  • Baldwin pointed to the importance of Virginia ratifying the ERA. He said there’s not a clearer decision in the country than this election between Amanda Pohl and Amanda Chase, and that electing Pohl will not just be good for Virginia, but “for women around the country.”

UPDATE: See below for more video and photos…of Qasim Rashid, Dan Helmer, Jess Foster, Josh Cole, etc.

Some good photos from Benjamin Litchfield:


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