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Video, Tweets: Democrat Sheila Bynum-Coleman Demolishes Speaker Kirk Cox (R) on the Issues


See below for video and live tweets by Brandon Jarvis (great job!) from last night’s debate between Democrat Sheila Bynum-Coleman and right-wingnut Republican Speaker Kirk Cox. As you can see, Bynum-Coleman demolished Cox on the issues, from gun violence prevention (Bynum-Coleman will act; Cox will run out the door); to combating the climate crisis (Cox is a denier, which in and of itself should disqualify him from holding public office of any kind; Bynum-Coleman will act); to health care (Cox opposed Medicaid expansion for years; Bynum-Coleman will work to expand and strengthen people’s access to high-quality, affordable healthcare); to campaign finance reform (Cox thinks it should be the Wild West, while Bynum-Coleman believes that Dominion Energy and others should not be allowed to give money to the very lawmakers who are supposed to regulate them); to ERA ratification (Cox opposes it, for ridiculous reasons, while Bynum-Coleman supports it); to protecting women’s right to choose (Cox is against, Bynum-Coleman is for), to raising the minimum wage (Cox is against, Bynum-Coleman is for), etc, etc. In sum, this election is truly a no brainer – Go Sheila Bynum-Coleman!


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