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Audio: Trump Virginia 2016 Chair Rips New REPUBLICAN House of Delegates Leadership as “Mr. Rogers Meets the Addams Family”

"You can't make this stuff up, folks...generational armageddon"


OK, gotta hand it to right-wing radio host and 2016 Trump Virginia Chair John Fredericks on this riff…absolutely spot-on and hilarious regarding the Virginia House GOP’s leadership votes yesterday! Check out the audio, below, along with a few highlights. Love this!

  • “They elected Todd Gilbert…big guy, shaved head…hard charger, bomb thrower, hater, got news clipping on the wall of people he hates…I never back him for anything…I think this is the exact wrong image for Republicans.”
  • “In our tribute to Todd Gilbert’s election to Minority Leader of the House of Delegates, now the Republicans guaranteed for generational minority status…”
  • “Then they elect Del. Jay Leftwich…I’m sorry to laugh...OK, he’s a real hard charger. So that’s their team – Gilbert, Byron, Leftwich. I mean, when was the last time you heard Leftwich had done anything? For the life of me…”
  • “Jay’s a nice guy, Kathy’s nice…all nice people – Todd, not so much.”
  • “It’s all so nice in the Republican House of Delegates leadership…You can’t make this stuff up, folks… It’s like, let’s have a meeting and let’s be absolutely certain we can elect somebody head of the Republican House caucus that absolutely guarantees we’ll be in the minority for the next, I don’t know, 50 years?”
  • “I mean, what record does Todd have of raising any money?…It’s unbelievable…You know what, just when you think the Republicans can’t get worse, they do. We’re now between the Addams Family and Mr. Rogers…Oh my goodness, generational armageddon…All these people are going to lose again in 2021, they’re not going to win!”


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