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VIDEO – Kenny for Occoquan Supervisor: Using My Voice in Honor of My Mom


by Kenny Boddye


When I decided to run for office, my priorities for the Occoquan District and Prince William County weren’t based on theoretical policy proposals or partisan talking points. They’re based on lived experience.

Three years ago, I lost my mother to homelessness and substance abuse. She lived a long life full of struggle, and despite being a nurse herself could not afford healthcare when she needed it. By the time she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 60, she had been self-medicating for decades.

People like my mother suffer in silence every day, and I know that her story isn’t unique. That’s why I’m using my voice to advocate for priorities that uplift everyone as opposed to the chosen few who have had their say for too long.

Fully funding our school system, confronting our traffic crisis, bringing living wage jobs, and investing in preventative services – in mental health, substance abuse, housing, and more – are all aimed to empower and uplift our entire community. We do better when we look after our own.

I refuse to live in a world where people like my mom fall through the cracks. We have an opportunity to reshape our community on Tuesday into one where that doesn’t happen.

On Tuesday, vote like lives depend on it… because they do.


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