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Speaker-Designee Eileen Filler-Corn Announces Kevin O’Holleran as Chief of Staff


This is excellent news (see below for the press release from Speaker-designee Filler-Corn’s office). I first got to know Kevin O’Holleran when we worked together on Mark Herring’s (ultimately successful, albeit close in both the primary and the general election, which went to a recount) 2013 run for Attorney General, and I was very impressed with his political acumen, communications abilities, etc. at the time. Since then, O’Holleran has helped guide AG Herring to reelection in 2017, as well as served as his Chief of Staff, doing a great job in both cases. Personally, I’ve always found him to be very professional, a clear and precise communicator, and overall great to deal with. For all those reasons, plus the fact that the Virginia House Democrats are now going to have a TON on their plates as they assume the majority for the first time in ages, and most definitely need a top-notch strategist and communicator, I’d say this is a great pick!

Speaker-designee Eileen Filler-Corn Announces Kevin O’Holleran as Chief of Staff

Richmond, Va.– Speaker-designee Eileen Filler-Corn today announced her selection of Kevin O’Holleran to serve as Chief of Staff. O’Holleran currently serves as Chief of Staff to Attorney General Mark R. Herring, a position he has held since Herring took office in January 2014.

“Kevin shares my vision to build a strong, inclusive and transparent Speaker’s office that will make our schools better, our communities safer, and help build a more prosperous Commonwealth. Kevin’s judgment, experience and record of accomplishment make him a perfect choice to manage this office.”

During his nearly six years at the Office of the Attorney General, O’Holleran played a major role in Herring’s successful efforts on several important initiatives. Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Office, O’Holleran served in leadership positions on several campaigns.

Kevin is the exact right person to help Speaker-designee Filler-Corn and the new Democratic majority seize this extraordinary opportunity to move Virginia forward,” said Attorney General Herring. “Kevin has been a trusted advisor and friend since my campaign for State Senate in 2007, and for the last six years he has been right by my side for some of our most important efforts and initiatives in the Attorney General’s Office. I am grateful for his friendship and service, and I know he will serve Speaker-designee Filler-Corn and the Commonwealth well in this new role.”


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