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Graphic: With Democrats Back in Charge, “Women Take the Gavel” in Virginia House of Delegates

On a related note, "Today, the House of Delegates WILL pass the Equal Rights Amendment."


Check out the following graphic from VPAP, which as usual “buries the lede,” but which at least color codes the y-axis to show the massive spike in women serving as chairs of Virginia House of Delegates committees and subcommittees when *Democrats* are in charge. Also note VPAP’s previous graphic, which completely hid the “lede,” namely that the big increase in women (and diverse membership in general) serving in the Virginia General Assembly has occurred, essentially exclusively, on the *Democratic* side, while Republicans remain a heavily male, almost all-white party. Anyway, just keep this in mind next time anyone absurdly claims that there’s no difference between the two parties.

Oh yeah, and watch this afternoon as the *Democratic*-and-women (Eileen Filler-Corn, Charniele Herring, etc.)-led House of Delegates most likely takes the historic step of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. And yes, there’s *zero* chance that would have happened if Republicans had maintained control…

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