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Graphics: Despite What Todd Gilbert (R) Claimed, Virginia House Dems Are Actually Cranking Out Legislation

Massive increases in Dem-sponsored legislation in both the Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates


Interesting graphics, by VPAP, which show:

  1. Despite House Minority Leader Todd Gilbert (R)’s brain-dead concern trolling, it turns out that the Democratic-controlled House of Delegates is busy reporting legislation from committee *significantly faster* than Republicans were at this same point in 2018, back when they were in charge! That’s right – there were 111 bills reported from House committees in the first two weeks of the 2020 Virginia General Assembly session, compared to just 76 in 2018.
  2. The State Senate is chugging along too, although at a bit slower rate than in 2018, when Republicans were in charge.
  3. And finally, check out the number of bills introduced by Democrats and Republicans this session, compared to previous sessions. What jumps out first is the massive spike in Democratic-sponsored bills in the House of Delegates this session, at around 1,200, while Republican-sponsored bills have actually fallen a bit, to around 600. Democratic-sponsored bills increased from under 400 in 2017 and around 600 in 2019. Wow!
  4. In the State Senate, Democratic-sponsored bills have also increased significantly (to around 700) while Republican-sponsored bills have fallen a bit (to under 400). In previous years, the number of Senate bills by each party was roughly comparable, with Republicans usually holding a slight lead.


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