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Poll: Who Do You Currently Support for 2021 VA Attorney General [UPDATE: Final Results]


Interesting results…not necessarily what I’d been expecting!

It’s hard to believe, but next year at this time, we’ll be very much into the 2021 Virginia campaigns for governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General. To date, we’ve had a couple folks announce, including AG Mark Herring (for governor), LG Justin Fairfax (for governor), with numerous others rumored as likely or possible candidates. When might these people start to announce? I’d guess we’ll start seeing some after the Virginia General Assembly session ends on March 7. So…it’s kind of early, but in a way it really isn’t that early, as actual and potential 2021 candidates start to gear up, position themselves/jockey for position, and/or hint at possible candidacies.

With that background, here’s a poll* for potential 2021 Democratic Attorney General candidates, based on who we’ve heard might be running for the nomination. Note that AG Mark Herring’s name appears here and in our gubernatorial poll, because it’s unclear which office he might run for. Who do you prefer right now?

*As always, these polls are not meant to be scientific, but they nonetheless can be interesting for a number of reasons, including which campaigns have the most intense supporters, which are most focused on winning online polls, etc.


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