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Video: “New [Fairfax County Public] Schools and Major Renovations Should be Net-Zero”


Great work by new Fairfax County School Board member Karl Frisch; every school system should be doing this! Also, Frisch mentioned that he’d be circulating a letter in support of this bill, by Del. Mark Keam, establishing “the Clean School Bus Grant Fund and requires the Department of Education to establish the Clean School Bus Grant Program for the purpose of (i) awarding grants from the Fund on a competitive basis to school boards for (a) the complete replacement of existing diesel school buses with electric school buses no later than 2030, (b) the implementation of recharging infrastructure or other infrastructure needed to charge or maintain such electric school buses, and (c) workforce development and training to support the maintenance, charging, and operation of such electric school buses and (ii) developing education outreach to promote the Program.” I strongly encourage the Virginia General Assembly to pass this bill.


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