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Fairfax County Becomes First School Division in Virginia to Officially Recognize Collective Bargaining Rights for Its Employees


Nice work last night by the Fairfax County School Board (see video, below) – the *all-Democratic* School Board, I might add. 🙂 As Providence District Member Karl Frisch, who put forth the two amendments (seconded by Karen Keys-Gamarra) regarding collective bargaining, explains:

“Last night we sent an unmistakable message to the General Assembly that teachers and staff deserve a seat at the table… a better bargain. Grateful to my School Board colleagues for unanimously supporting my amendment reversing our 20-year opposition to collective bargaining. We are now the first school division in the Commonwealth to recognize this fundamental right of our employees.”

Also, see here and below for the official motions and votes – unanimously in favor – adding the line, “The FCSB supports granting authority to local school boards to recognize the right of employees to enter into collectively bargained agreements that value and balance the needs of employees with the educational mission of the school division and that preserves the constitutionally protected supervisory authority of the local school board.” Great stuff.


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