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Audio: Former Sen. George Allen (R) Goes on Trumpster Talk Radio, Rants Against “Green New Deal,” “Right-to-Work” Repeal, Bloomberg, “Socialistic Democrats”

Allen - who had his butt kicked by Webb in 2006 and by Kaine in 2012 - also blathers about the "New Yorking or Bloomberging" of Virginia


Fun times this morning on far-right, Trumpster talk radio this morning, as former Virginia Governor and former U.S. Senator George Allen (R) – note the repeated use of the word “former,” by the way – ranted about some of his favorite bogeyman. Check out the audio, below, as well as the following “highlights” (using that word *very* loosely!):

  • First, to Allen’s credit, he corrected the host, who bizarrely claimed that Mike Bloomberg “spent an astronomical sum of money…four million dollars in the Arlington Commonwealth Attorney’s race just to get this person elected.” First of all, the billionaire the host was apparently trying to attack was George Soros, not Bloomberg.  Soros, Bloomberg, whatever…same deal, right? As for the sum of money, it wasn’t even close to $4 million – try $620k or so – but again, whatever; this is Trumpster radio, where they make up their own “alternative facts.”
  • Next, Allen ranted against “criminal apologists” (aka, criminal justice reform advocates) who supposedly “look at the
    victims as the people who are in jail, rather than the people who’ve been assaulted, robbed or raped, and so you’re seeing that effect that’s a New Yorking or Bloomberging…NY City policies…’catch-and-release’…”
  • Allen then falsely claimed that “90 percent of the money that came in for” Democratic State Senate candidate Cheryl Turpin this past fall was “from California or New York.” In fact, a quick check of VPAP finds that 64% of Turpin’s donations were from Virginia, plus 14% from Washington, DC, with 22% from “other states” (including NY and California). So…nope, not even close to 90% from NY and CA…but again, “alternative fact” zone here.
  • Then, Allen falsely claimed that Virginia Democrats are “beholden” to Bloomberg, and are somehow obligated to “impose” a “Green New Deal” on Virginia, which according to Allen, would totally destroy the state. Of course, Allen’s wrong on multiple counts here, starting with Virginia Democratic legislators being “beholden” to Bloomberg. Allen’s also wrong about the “Green New Deal,” which: a) didn’t go anywhere in the legislature; b) wouldn’t destroy Virginia’s economy if it ever became law.
  • Allen proceeded to claim that ” a third or more of the Democrat [sic] base are socialistic Democrats…and that’s being split between, you know, Senator Sanders and Senator Warren.” Allen then ranted again about the “Green New Deal” and how *all* the Democratic candidates are supposedly “so far to the left,” with Bloomberg supposedly holding “extreme positions.”
  • Allen falsely claimed that the Virginia General Assembly has already “done a lot of harm to Virginia’s reputation,” with one of the “worst things” being the attempted (but failed) repeal of so-called “Right-to-Work” (aka, anti-labor, anti-worker) laws. And then, yes, more ranting about the “Green New Deal,” which…again, didn’t go anywhere, so who the hell knows what Allen’s blathering about.
  • Allen also *really* doesn’t like the National Popular Vote idea. But he really *does* like the proposed redistricting amendment, which kind of tells you all you need to know about said amendment.

Bottom line: Let’s just all be happy that we defeated Allen, not just once but twice (Jim Webb in 2006, Tim Kaine in 2012). Unfortunately, we have an even crazier Republican in the White House, but hopefully we’ll boot him out this coming November, just as we did to Allen – and to Allen’s own presidential hopes – back in 2006. 🙂


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