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Two Amusing Videos From Yesterday’s Virginia House of Delegates [UPDATED]

7th-grade-style humor on fornication vote; "Kaye? Kaye? Del. Kory? Can You Help Me Out Up Here?" 


As the Virginia House of Delegates races towards “Crossover Day” this coming Tuesday, it’s certainly understandable that they might be getting a bit punchy, exhausted, etc., In that context, check out the following two video clips from yesterday, both of which I found amusing, albeit in different ways.

First, check out the House of Delegates floor vote on Del. Mark Levine’s HB245, which “Repeals the crime of fornication, i.e., voluntary sexual intercourse by an unmarried person.” Apparently, many members found the whole thing to be hilarious, as they laughed from basically beginning to end. Also, I’m told that they also found the “Rule 69” part amusing, for a couple reasons, including that this rule is used for members to abstain because of a “conflict of interest” (e.g., because  they had broken the law themselves). Yeah…I mean, if you’re in 7th grade, I guess you’d find that super funny. 🙂

P.S. On the fornication vote, far-right Republicans Mark Cole, Dave LaRock, John McGuire, Tony Wilt, and Thomas Wright all voted no, while Democrat Chris Hurst for some reason went with “Rule 69.” LOL

Also, check out Del. Rip Sullivan, trying to get Del. Kaye Kory’s attention away from her smartphone – where she was totally engrossed, texting away – as a crucial House Labor and Commerce Committee vote (on the Virginia Clean Economy Act) last night, said: “Kaye? Kaye? Del. Kory? Can You Help Me Out Up Here?”  Finally, Del. Kory appeared to realize a crucial vote was going on, put her smartphone down and pushed the “green” button, just in the nick of time! The bill reported out, by the way, on a 12-9 vote, so Kory could have kept on texting, I guess. Haha. [UPDATED: I was told by two sources that it’s quite possible Del. Sullivan was asking Del. Kory for help pressing *his* voting button, because he had been presenting his bill so was not at his desk, ergo unable to press his own button.]


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