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Video: Emotional Virginia House Appropriations Committee Chair Luke Torian Gets Choked Up at Passage of “Most Progressive [Budget] in Virginia’s History”


Late this afternoon, after weeks of hard work on producing a budget, House Appropriations Committee Chair Del. Luke Torian (D) stood up to say “thank you” and got highly choked up.  Check out the video, below, as Torian delivered his speech and received a standing ovation in response.  As the House Democrats and Chair Torian said earlier today, this budget “is the most progressive in Virginia’s history, helping advance equality of opportunity across the Commonwealth while guarding Virginia’s AAA bond rating and shoring up our reserves.” For more details on the budget, see here and here. Nice work, everyone!

P.S. Also, see below the video for a statement by Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, stating that she is “so proud of Chairman Luke Torian, the House Appropriations Committee and staff for all the hard work put in to passing today’s House budget that delivers on our promise to move Virginia forward.”

Del. Torian: “Today I stand as a proud Virginian for the work that the Appropriations staff and Committee have done. I stand proud of the work and the commitment to produce a budget that I hope will help continue to grow the Virginia economy, ensure that we continue to raise and grow healthy families, and I thank you, and I thank this House and I thank the Committee for the privilege to serve god bless you all.”


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