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Live Blog: “Super Tuesday” Virginia Democratic Primary Election Results [UPDATE: Virginia Immediately Called for Joe Biden]


UPDATE 9:30 pm – Turnout in Virginia tonight was 1.32 million!  Compare to 986,203 in 2008 and 785,190 in 2016. Are Virginia Dems energized or WHAT?!?

UPDATE 8:50 pm – With 96.4% of precincts reporting, it’s Biden 53.9%-Sanders 23.0%-Warren 10.5%-Bloomberg 9.5%.

UPDATE 8:28 pm – With 92.1% of precincts reporting, it’s Biden 54.2%-Sanders 23.1%-Warren 10.4%-Bloomberg 9.4%

UPDATE 8:15 pm – With 85.1% of precincts reporting, it’s now Biden 54.4%-Sanders 23.1%-Warren 10.4%-Bloomberg 9.3%. Basically, it’s not changing to any significant degree as more results come in.

UPDATE 8:00 pm – With 73.5% of precincts reporting, it’s now Biden 54.6%-Sanders 23.0%-Warren 10.3%-Bloomberg 9.3%

UPDATE 7:58 pm – Rep. @Donald_McEachin “Joe Biden wins North Carolina Democratic primary election, NBC projects | wcnc.com The South is speaking”

UPDATE 7:55 pm – With 67% of precincts reporting, it’s now Biden 54.7%-Sanders 23.0%-Warren 10.2%-Bloomberg 9.3%. In terms of Congressional Districts, Warren is over the 15% threshold only in VA08, while Bloomberg is not over 15% in any CD.  Biden and Sanders are over 15% in all 11 CDs.

UPDATE 7:49 pm – Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) Folks, Joe Biden could be on track to win a clear plurality (if not majority) of the 1,357 Super Tuesday delegates at stake.”

UPDATE 7:48 pm – @kkondik “Three of the few places where Sanders is leading in VA – Charlottesville (UVA), Montgomery Co. (Virginia Tech), Harrisonburg (James Madison U)”

UPDATE 7:43 pm – With 54.3% of precincts reporting, it’s now Biden 55.1%-Sanders 22.7%-Warren 10.0%-Bloomberg 9.5%

UPDATE 7:36 pm – With 43.6% of precincts reporting, it’s now Biden 55.7%-Sanders 22.3%-Warren 9.8%-Bloomberg 9.5%

UPDATE 7:32 pm – With 35.9% of precincts reporting, it’s now Biden 55.9%-Sanders 22.4%-Bloomberg 9.6%-Warren 9.5%

UPDATE 7:24 pm – With 25.4% of precincts reporting, it’s now Biden 55.5%-Sanders 22.7%-Warren 9.7%-Bloomberg 9.4%

UPDATE 7:17 pm – With 5.7% of precincts reporting, it’s now Biden 54.7%-Sanders 22.9%-Warren 9.8%-Bloomberg 9.3%

UPDATE 7:02 pm – Well that didn’t take long! LOL

UPDATE 6:54 pm – Here are some exit poll numbers.

As always, I’ll be live blogging Virginia’s election results as they come in tonight (polls close at 7 pm – make sure you stay in line and cast your ballot!), with results from the State Board of Elections, the Fairfax County Board of Elections, VPAP, etc. [also, check this out] I’ll also be keeping an eye on Twitter feeds from Virginia political gurus like Not Larry Sabato (Ben Tribbett) and others (e.g., Dave WassermanJ. Miles ColemanChaz Nuttycombe).

By the way, according to these tweets by Charles “Chaz” Nuttycombe, he “should be able to call a winner in Virginia within the hour after polls close” and “should be able to map out the initial results by locality as they come in,” so definitely check out his Twitter feed tonight. Ben “Not Larry Sabato” Tribbett, who has been tweeting all day in expectation of a Biden blowout win, responded to Nuttycombe, “Call it at 7. This isn’t close.” We’ll see soon enough!

One big question tonight is whether the final Virginia polls before the primary – which had Joe Biden up by a big margin over Bernie Sanders, with Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren trailing – will turn out to be accurate or not. And, beyond Virginia, will Biden’s momentum coming out of Saturday’s blowout win in South Carolina continue, or will it fizzle out? We’ll find out shortly. We’ll also see, after Super Tuesday, whether any other candidates drop out of the race, assuming they don’t do well tonight.


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