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Mark Warner Secures Democratic Nomination for Another 6-Year Term in the U.S. Senate


In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s genuinely difficult to think about much else – such as local and state politics. But the fact is, life goes on, as does the democratic process. More to the point, life and democracy should and must go on if we are to remain the United States of America.

Was that a wee bit dramatic? Perhaps, but I really do believe that, even as we focus on this temporary crisis – and it *is* temporary, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the moment, because eventually it will pass – I’d argue that we need to not forget about important elections coming up for local offices, for the U.S. House, for U.S. Senate, and of course for President. Needless to say, if the COVID-19 crisis weren’t raging, we’d all be spending a *lot* more time and energy focusing on, and arguing about, important political races going on in Virginia – for instance, the Democratic nominations in VA-01 and VA-05; the GOP nominations in VA-02, VA-05 and VA-07 as well as for U.S. Senate; etc. But…here we are, stuck in this godawful situation, and focusing most of our mental energy on that.

On that note, see below for a short press release I just received from the Mark Warner for U.S. Senate reelection campaign, about him securing the Democratic nomination for another 6-year term in office. Another 6-year term, I’d add, that’s well deserved, given how hard and effectively Sen. Warner’s been working, whether on the “gig economy,” supporting veterans, securing our elections, holding Trump accountable for his corruption, helping craft the economic rescue package for the COVID-19 crisis, fighting for Virginians, etc. So let’s make sure we overwhelmingly reelect Sen. Warner this November, even if that feels like an eternity away right now…

Mark Warner Secures Democratic Nomination

Today, the Democratic Party of Virginia certified that Senator Mark Warner has secured the Democratic nomination in his bid for re-election to the United States Senate. In a show of the strength of his organization, he enters the race having collected 33,279 petition signatures, more than triple the 10,000-signature requirement.

“Virginia Democrats are united around Senator Mark Warner – full stop,” said Campaign Manager Bruce Sinclair. “While his opponents continue to squabble over who will challenge him in the Fall, Mark has and will continue to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and deliver real relief for the Commonwealth on a bipartisan basis in the United States Senate.”


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