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Video: 2013 Virginia GOP Lt. Governor Nominee EW Jackson “Vows to Hold Church Services in Defiance of Virginia’s Stay-at-Home Order”


See below for the latest, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, about the latest from 2013 Virginia GOP Lt. Governor nominee E.W. Jackson (note: Jackson lost to Ralph Northam in that election). It will be interesting to see how Virginia authorities respond to acts of defiance like this…

“[They] couldn’t figure out how to shut these churches down and shut them up, but [they] finally got an excuse to do so,” Jackson fumed. “We’re going to have our worship services. We are. We’ve got enough room in our sanctuary for the numbers showing up to do social distancing, but I am not going to stop worshiping God, we are not going to stop gathering together because I don’t believe that any governor has the constitutional authority to tell me we can’t.”

“The First Amendment gives us that right,” he continued. “Might there be some circumstance in which maybe we would relent? There might be, but this ain’t it … I say it’s wrong, and I would encourage every pastor across the commonwealth of Virginia, I would encourage you [to] stand up for your First Amendment rights.”

P.S. Jackson might want to check out Florida megachurch pastor arrested for breaching Covid-19 health order.


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