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Video: Gov. Northam’s Sunday AM Briefing on the Coronavirus Situation


See below for Gov. Ralph Northam’s Sunday morning Coronavirus briefing:

  • “This virus continues to spread…We are still in the early stages of that curve rising.” How quickly that curve rises is up to you, me and every single Virginian.
  • COVID-19 is going to be with us for a very long time – “months, not weeks.” “It is difficult to live with uncertainty,” but the sooner we all adopt these new ways of living, the sooner we will get through this.
  • Must protect the people who are most vulnerable – older people, those with underlying health conditions, the health care community.
  • Dedicating as much PPE as possible to our healthcare workers who are focused on COVID-19.
  • Actively reaching out to companies for help making and distributing PPE. “Our message is clear: it is time to step up.”
  • Calling on hospitals to reschedule elective surgeries to free up healthcare workers and conserve on PPE.
  • Encourages telework and telehealth whenever possible.
  • Every one of us has a job to do to fight this virus. Stay home as much as possible. Do not go into crowds, do not have gatherings. Some people are not listening, “and I want you to know, you are putting every single one of us in Virginia at risk.” Reminds localities to shut down restaurants, etc. violating 10-person limit. No more fraternity parties or crowded beaches. “This is not a holiday, this is not a vacation.” “Everyone knows the right thing to do,” people need to be smart.
  • Fairfax resident died of COVID-19 yesterday.  Most people will have mild illness, but some are at higher risk. This morning 67 new cases of COVID-19 and 219 total cases.
  • State lab still has 1,000 tests available. Working to increase that.
  • No positive tests so far in Virginia’s prisons. Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran says it’s important to put out accurate, factual information and to combat false information. “There are alternatives to incarceration,” such as electronic monitoring.
  • Gov. Northam asked about the economy, says we are focused on the containment of this virus and how to do that most efficienty and effectively…mitigation…and then we are focusing on what the long-term affects of the virus are on our economy.” “We’ve made some changes in our tax timelines…working with our businesses…We are watching closely what happens at the federal level..they’re negotiating a relief package…We have asked as governors that a significant percentage of that relief come to states…This will have long-term impacts on our economy and we are taking that seriously…doing everything we can to prepare Virginia for what we might be facing.” “This is not a matter of weeks, this is a matter of months.”
  • Regarding Virginia schools possibly closing for the rest of the year, Gov. Northam anticipates an answer at tomorrow morning’s press conference.
  • We can’t really predict what the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic might be.
  • “Every morning, our team…we meet at 7:30, we collect data from the day prior…to make our decisions…I’m proud of our time, we’ve got great people who are working on this around the clock…We’re in this for the long haul…taking every measure that we can to keep Virginians safe” and prepare for the long-term implications on the economy. We’re going to get through this but it’s going to take some time.
  • Going to move from 11 am to 2 pm for these press conferences going forward.


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