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Video: Gov. Ralph Northam Briefing on Coronavirus Crisis Response Efforts in Virginia


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  • 67 cases and two deaths in Virginia
  • Strategy must focus on mitigating and slowing down the spread of the virus – “we must flatten that curve,” but to do that, “every single one of us has a personal responsibility in this situation…being part of the solution.” For instance, do NOT go to St. Patrick’s Day parties tonight – if you do, you’re literally putting others at risk.
  • Announces Virginia will follow federal guidelines regarding gatherings of 10 or more people.
  • Urges older Virginians to “self quarantine” and to protect themselves. “Everyone who needs food assistance will be able to get it.” “Help people out with grocery deliveries…make sure that [your elderly neighbors] are ok.”
  • From reporter Max Smith: “Virginia is closing all DMV locations. Renew licenses online. If your license or registration expires between now and May 15, Northam says you get a 60 day extension.” DMV employees are being encouraged to telework from home.
  • From reporter Graham Moomaw: “Northam apparently not ordering closures for restaurants and bars but he said Virginia will follow federal guidelines against gatherings of 10+ people. ‘Restaurants are encouraged to continue takeout options. I understand that this affects people’s livelihoods.'”
  • “We have a limited number of tests available still…still don’t have as many as we need.” Even when there is drive-up testing, there “still will be a screening process” to determine who gets tested.
  • “We are working closely with our Attorney General…[and] our Commissioner of Health” on how to enforce guidelines, but says he is more about “carrots” than “sticks.”
  • “We’re not mandating that [restaurants] close” but are urging that they use take-out ordering so that people aren’t in an enclosed space.
  • Priority is to make sure that hospitals have what they need…
  • “I don’t see a need…for people who feel fine…to go out and a get a test.” We have 8 1/2 million Virginians, can’t test everyone. Need a level/number where we can make accurate diagnoses.
  • “I’m very proud of our response in Virginia to make sure that all Virginians are safe…have accurate and updated information. We strive for perfection…don’t always meet perfection…I want Virginians to understand how hard individuals are working” to keep them safe.”
  • If individuals are out of work because of what’s being mandated, then unemployment benefits will be available to them.



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