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Video: On Final Day of 2020 Session, Delegates Tyler, Ward and McQuinn Give Out “Delegate Superlatives” Awards

Speaker Filler-Corn receives "Shining Star Award" for "being an example for all the young girls, for everybody who thought they'd never see it"


A bit earlier this afternoon, Delegates Roslyn Tyler, Jeion Ward and Delores McQuinn – aka, “Earth, Wind and Fire” – gave out “Delegate Superlatives” awards for 2020. The awards, most of which were humorous, were:

  • Delegate John Avoli (R) received the “I Am the Principal Award” for always mentioning on the education committee that he’s a principal.
  • Delegate Emily Brewer (R) received the Peanut Award for letting the House of Delegates know how nutritious peanuts are.
  • Delegates Jeff Bourne (D), Mike Mullin (D) and Jay Jones (D) received  the “Wave the White Flag Award,” aka the “Freedom Award,” for talking too much in the corner…or something. I didn’t get this one at all; clearly an inside joke.
  • Delegate Cliff Hayes (D) received the “Offshore Wind Award” for…supporting offshore wind, I guess, LOL.
  • Delegate Joe Lindsey (D) received the “Car Passenger Award” for telling a lengthy story about being a passenger in his wife’s car and how one way or the other, we’re going to get there.
  • Delegate Rip Sullivan (D) received the “Clean Energy Award” for leading on clean energy this session. Which he most certainly did.
  • Delegate Matt Fariss (R) received the “Superhero Award” for, apparently, always saying “I got your back, I got your back.” Again, must be an inside joke.
  • Delegate Don Scott (D): Received the “Summa Cum Laude Award” for having “quick wit.” There’s no doubt about this one – Scott is SUPER quick, sharp as a tack, and just all-around very impressive.

Finally, turning more serious and emotional, Speaker Eileen Filler Corn (D) received the “Shining Star Award” for being willing to step up and lead, for making history, for her hard work, etc.

Del. Jeion Ward said: “Let me just say thank you, thank you so much, not only for believing in us as a caucus, but for believing that I could lead. I appreciate it. Serving as chair of Labor and Commerce has been the honor of my life. No matter what else happens, I will always know that this year we made a difference for working people. And I thank you so much for all that you have done, not just for our side of the aisle, but for just being an example for all the young girls, for everybody who thought they’d never see it. We appreciate you.”

Del. Delores McQuinn said: “Madam Speaker, we know, and as women ourselves, that standing in that position and having to orchestrate so much for this legislative body, we know it has not been easy. And we have often looked at you and I know many of us have been praying for you. But I just want you to know, your extraordinary leadership has opened the doors for so many women across this Commonwealth and even across this nation. They will see you and know that they can because you have. And so as we just take this time to honor you today just for… we just first of all say thank you. Thank you for leading, thank you for stepping up, than you for being determined and believing in yourself that it was something that you could do. Because I believe it has given all of us the encouragement and the strength to know that if you can do it, we can as well. And so we again want to just say thank you for your amazing leadership and serving in that capacity in 2020. God bless you.”

Finally, Del Tyler said: “And then also, Del. Filler-Corn, I just want to personally just thank you for allowing me to chair the Education Committee. Being from a small rural [county] in Southside Virginia, who thought lil’ ol’ me was chairing the Education Committee. And I thank you for giving me that opportunity. We are examples for the young ladies to follow. But at least they know that if they reach [for] the stars and that’s what you are to us, you are our shining star.”


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