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Audio: Former Rep. Scott Taylor Dismissed Scientists, Ignored Facts


From 14 Action, “a grassroots community of nearly 2 million people working to elect scientists and doctors to public office at all levels and helping them get more involved in public discourse”

Former Rep. Scott Taylor Dismissed Scientists, Ignored Facts

Taylor’s Tele-Town Hall Meeting Shows Candidate Desperately Out of Touch with Science, Reality

PHILADELPHIA — New audio from former Rep. Scott Taylor reveals the VA-02 candidate doesn’t seem to care about facts or science. On a telephone town hall held Thursday, April 23—two days after Virginia reported a spike of 600 new cases—Taylor appeared to claim that the Commonwealth’s cases were no longer increasing, saying, “we have helped to flatten the curve.”

Yesterday, hospitalizations in Virginia hit a new high for COVID-19 and more than 13,500 Virginians have now tested positive for the virus, according to the Virginia Department of Health.

This isn’t the first time Taylor has ignored the facts and dismissed science. Earlier this month, Scott Taylor took to Facebook Live to assert that:

“…you don’t run a country based on just what a scientist says. There are many other things that factor into running a country. Or running a city. Or running a state–or Commonwealth than simply saying ‘okay, this guy says if everyone stays home for the next year, then no one, we’ll stop the spread.’ Well, of course, but we can’t do that, right? Like, that’s not, that’s not realistic, right?”

“Scott Taylor is dismissing science and denying facts—that’s exactly what got us into this crisis in the first place,” said Brooke Bainum, Communications Director of 314 Action. “Taylor should start listening to scientists and public health experts instead of spreading misinformation that puts our families and communities at risk.”


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