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Qasim Rashid: It’s Time To Hold the GOP Accountable for their COVID Response


by Qasim Rashid, Democratic candidate for Congress in VA-01

#COVID19 has now killed 20,304 Americans 😓. We asked my GOP opponent @RobWittman why he falsely told constituents that  “the virus is NOT spreading” while buying himself Pharma stock in a potential COVID19 treatment? He called our question “despicable”. But thats the least of the problem 😳…


First, @RobWittman calls our simple ask for transparency a “serious allegation.” We didn’t make any allegation. We asked why he falsely told us the virus is NOT spreading while he bought himself COVID affiliated Pharma stock? He hasn’t answered or set any facts straight. But it gets worse..


Next—@RobWittman argues “everyone does it,” and he gives “complete authority” to someone else. He doesn’t call it a blind trust. He wants us to believe AS he got briefed on COVID19 pandemic—*coincidentally* his advisor bought stock in a Pharma corp working on a potential COVID19 treatment🤔


Then, remarkably, right after saying he gave “complete authority” to someone else—@RobWittman defends himself by saying that someone else “acted w/o prior approval.”
Why would someone who has your “complete authority” need your prior approval?
It gets even more obscure…


Now @RobWittman goes on the attack & claims we’re “contradicting” that he’s updated constituents constantly. But we never contradicted that. We simply asked why he falsely told us the virus was NOT spreading while he bought himself Pharma stock. He still hasn’t answered.


Finally, @RobWittman calls our ask for transparency “despicable” & accuses us of playing politics. He still wont answer our inquiry of why he bought stock in a potential vaccine while falsely telling us the virus is NOT spreading. But let’s talk about actually playing politics.


During the 2014 Ebola outbreak when 1 American died @RobWittman sent this letter to President Obama—demanding we shut down travel and protect our military. ONE American died and Wittman sent this to a Democratic POTUS. So let’s compare Wittman’s response when a Republican President is in office.

COVID19 has infected 500,000+ Americans and 1,500+ service members. It’s killed 20,000+ Americans. @RobWittman has sent ZERO public letters to Trump demanding action or to protect our military.

Instead, he’s falsely told us the virus is NOT spreading and bought himself Pharma Stock. Meanwhile

•Virginia lacks adequate tests
•Virginia lacks adequate PPE
•100 Virginians have died and James City County in VA-01 is Virginia’s #COVID19 epicenter.

And ZERO letters from @RobWittman to Trump.

Yet at 1 US Ebola death—Wittman wrote an open letter demanding Obama take action. To be clear—I admire the letter @RobWittman wrote Obama demanding accountability at the death of 1. American. But to demand accountability at 1 death under a Dem POTUS but ignore accountability at 20,000+ deaths under a GOP POTUS? That’s deliberate. That—folks—is “party politics“.

And despite all this—@RobWittman accuses *us* of “politicizing” this Pandemic because we dared ask why he falsely told us the virus is NOT spreading while buying himself Pharma stock? We dared ask where are the tests? We dared ask where are the PPE supplies?

Here’s the deal: I don’t know if we’ll ever get those answers but let the record show—when 1 American died under Obama, @RobWittman and the GOP raised their voice. But as 20,000 Americans die under Trump—Wittman and other GOP members of congress bought themselves Pharma Stock, told us falsely the virus is NOT spreading, and refused to hold Trump accountable.

We must reject this cruelty and partisanship—Let’s fight united with integrity and transparency, with compassion through action—and against this dangerous partisanship.

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