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Sunday (4/5) Virginia Data on COVID-19 Finds +230 Cases (to 2,637), +41 Hospitalizations (to 431), -1 Deaths (to 51) From Yesterday

Slowest rates of increase in confirmed cases and hospitalizations since 3/15 and 3/26, respectively


See below for graphics of the newly posted COVID-19 numbers by the Virginia Department of Health. So, at this point (4/5), in Virginia we’re at 2,637 total reported cases, 431 hospitalizations and 51 deaths from COVID-19. The number of reported cases went up 230 (+10%) in the latest statistics, which is a significantly slower rate of increase than the day before, when reported cases were up 395 (+20%). This was also the slowest percentage rate increase since March 15. As for hospitalizations, they went up 41 (+11%), from 390 to 431, which is also a significantly slower rate of increase than the previous day (which was up 78, or +25%), and the slowest rate of increase since March 26. Deaths actually are reported as going *down* 1 (from 52 to 51), compared to an increase of 6 (from 46 to 52) the previous day. Presumably, that’s because more information must have come in, causing the VA Dept. of Health to recategorize one or more deaths as not stemming from COVID-19. Anyway…overall, the new numbers seem like encouraging news. Hopefully, this curve will really start “flattening out” in coming days if we keep up the social distancing and other measures. Also, of course, we need a LOT more testing capacity, PPE, etc.



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