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As VA-02 Primary Heats Up, Republican Attacks Scott Taylor’s “Law Situation”


From the DCCC:

As VA-02 Primary Heats Up, Republican Attacks Scott Taylor’s “Law Situation”

Loyola Says “Criminality,” “Ongoing Investigations” Will Take Taylor Down

Things are certainly heating up in the VA-02 Republican primary, and it’s not looking good for former Congressman and failed Senate candidate Scott Taylor.

During a candidate forum, Republican primary challenger Ben Loyola called out Taylor for his “law situation,” saying that Taylor’s ongoing legal issues, “baggage” and “challenges” related to the 2018 voter fraud case surrounding his reelection campaign will be an albatross for Taylor this cycle as well.

Ben’s not wrong.

As we’ve said, Scott Taylor’s legal troubles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

REMINDER: Special Prosecutor Don Caldwell said Taylor—while in his Washington D.C. office– directed his staff to collect signatures to get independent candidate Shaun Brown on the ballot in an attempt to swing the 2018 election. Taylor’s staffers then broke the law in collecting fraudulent petition signatures.

And according to Caldwell, the investigations are still ongoing, saying, “at this point in time, what actually happened within the campaign headquarters is still a subject of investigation due primarily to the lack of cooperation of key individuals with the VSP investigator.”

Scott Taylor may be in denial, but his record speaks for itself.

“Virginians rejected failed former Congressman Scott Taylor in 2018 because of his reckless votes to dismantle health care protections for people with preexisting conditions, his vote to give tax handouts to special interests and the voter fraud case that tainted his reelection bid,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “Those votes aren’t going away and neither is this scandal. Like his fellow Republican pointed out, Virginians will not forget Scott Taylor’s past and they’re ready to reject Scott Taylor again in the near future.”

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