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Audio: Virginia House Minority Leader Todd Gilbert (R) Says His Strategy for Winning Back the House Is…Yep, the Redistricting Amendment

Gilbert says it was "remarkable" that "a few House Democrats" voted for the amendment.


If any Virginia Democrats out there still are wondering whether or not to vote *no* on the fatally flawed redistricting “trash” amendment this November, check out the following comments from Virginia House Minority Leader Todd Gilbert (R), who basically says (check out the audio, below) that most of the Republicans’ strategy for replacing Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn with Speaker Todd Gilbert (shudder!) is…yep, what Gilbert falsely calls the “non-partisan” (which it most certainly isn’t) redistricting amendment. Also note how Gilbert calls it “remarkable” that “a few House Democrats voted to approve” that amendment. And yes, it truly was remarkable, given that the *overwhelming* majority of House Democrats voted against it, with many members – particularly Black Caucus members – standing up and speaking out passionately against this thing. Unfortunately, it passed anyway. Fortunately, voters can reject it this November, which they most certainly should do, for a whole host of reasons…

Gilbert – “This past session we saw something really remarkable happen where a few House Democrats voted to approve a constitutional amendment ballot question, which will allow for non-partisan redistricting going forward. And you know, that type of scenario really leaves open any number of possibilities, and we certainly don’t know what the future holds, but Virginia has to reshuffle the deck here in a few years or in a year, and with our census and our redistricting and the drawing of new maps, so it’s very possible that that…if we play our cards right – which has not been something we have always done – we could position ourselves to be back in charge of the House.”


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