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Sen. Amanda Chase Says She Won’t Be “masked, tested, tracked or chipped to support this liberal agenda”; Corey Stewart Says People Have an “Obligation” to “Civil Disobedience” Against a “Wicked” “Tyrant”

PW County Supervisor Kenny Boddye rips Stewart for "pitting people against each other"


Ah, a peaceful Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend…unless, that is, you’re people like Virginia State Senator/2021 Republican gubernatorial candidate Amanda Chase, former Prince William County Board Chair (and 2018 VA GOP nominee for U.S. Senate) Corey Stewart, or apparently a *lot* of people who follow them.

First, here’s the latest from Amanda Chase (yes, the same person who said “It’s those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped” and “The ERA Amendment is nothing more than a ploy by the left to eliminate gender altogether.”). According to Chase, she will not be “masked, tested, tracked or chipped to support this liberal agenda.” Uh, yeah, that would be that infamous “liberal agenda” of following the science and the health experts, in attempting to slow and stop the spread of a deadly pandemic, which has already killed around 100,000 Americans. Brilliant. Oh, and so far, this post by Chase – early Sunday morning, on Memorial Day weekend, when probably most people were still asleep – already has 1,700 “likes”/”loves” plus 171 comments (overwhelmingly positive) and 409 shares. Great, huh? (p.s., what does she mean by “in lieu of?” perhaps she means “with regard to?” yet again, English as a foreign language to AmanDUH)

And then there’s former Prince William County Board Chair, and 2018 VA GOP U.S. Senate nominee, Corey Stewart, who posted a video yesterday that already has 100,000+ views, 1.5k comments (overwhelmingly positive) and 2.3k “shares.” See below for “highlights” from the video, including:

  • Stewart claims he has “respect for public officials,” but then tells Gov. Northam to “go to hell,” falsely claiming Northam has “used this pandemic as a mechanism to punish businesses, to punish people he doesn’t like…out of pure spite.”
  • Stewart calls Northam a “very wicked man,” adding that it’s “a bunch of bullshit” that Northam’s a “good old boy,” “easy going,” “old country doctor,” but that he’s supposedly a “piece of trash.”
  • Stewart argues that the PW Board of County Supervisors voted to request that Gov. Northam lift restrictions on restaurants, but “he wouldn’t even respect the local board.” Of course, Stewart fails to mention that the Board joined with the rest of Northern Virginia in requesting that they NOT enter Phase 1 reopening, along with the rest of Virginia. As for the Board’s request on restaurants, it actually was *asking* if it was safe to reopen restaurants at outdoor and 50%. But whatever…facts be damned for Corey Stewart, apparently, who’s thankfully no longer in charge of PW County.
  • In response, PW County Supervisor Kenny Boddye says: “The NY Times published a full page of coronavirus-related deaths this morning. Nearly 100,000 of our fellow Americans have lost their lives to this unseen enemy in a war we were unprepared for. I want us to re-open as quickly as possible. As someone who has worked for a small business for over a decade, I know that there are a lot of business owners and working families who are hurting right now. This is not the time, though, to further divide Prince William County, and Virginia, by pitting people against each other or by encouraging residents to violate the Governor’s Executive Orders. The only way we will be able to successfully begin re-open is by reaffirming our sacred commitment to our social contract with one another as Virginians and as Americans – that we may differ on beliefs here and there, but that we all agree that our safety and security is a shared responsibility. We’re in this together.”
  • Stewart asks all Virginians to “exercise some civil disobedience” against a governor who supposedly is a “tyrant,” who supposedly is “trampling” on “your rights,” who “refuses to allow…you to live your life…not based on the health of this community but rather on his own political…desires.”
  • Stewart declares: “Do not comply with this governor’s order anymore…If you’re a business and you’ve been ordered to shut down, I would ask you, you know, look, you’re going to have to take the consequences, it’s possible that you might be fined, etc, but this governor is no longer acting in the interests of you or this state.”
  • Stewart encourages law enforcement officials to “turn the other way…don’t enforce this unlawful, this unconstitutional order by Gov. Green Bean, he’s a complete moron.” And Stewart “call[s] on the sheriffs” to “not enforce the unconstitutional order of this completely idiotic governor.”
  • Stewart concludes, “Stand up Virginia…I cannot believe that Virginia elected him…It’s absolutely Northern Virginia’s fault…people here in Northern Virginia voted for this piece of trash...it confounds me…I just never thought that we would elect somebody like Gov. Northam. Virginia deserves better, folks. Go out there; if your rights are being trampled on, you not only have the right to civil disobedience…you have an obligation to do so.”


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