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Right-Wing Republican Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase: “It’s those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped”

Chase's Democratic opponent, Amanda Pohl, Rebuffs the Appalling Rape Victim-Blaming 


Ee gads, just when you think Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11) can’t get any crazier, nastier, etc…she does! Check out the following press release from Democratic SD11 nominee Amanda Pohl, rebuffing Chase’s rape victim-blaming.

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Amanda Pohl Rebuffs Sen. Chase’s Rape Victim-Blaming 

CHESTERFIELD, VA – Amanda Pohl, the Democratic nominee in Virginia’s 11th State Senate District has issued a response to Senator Amanda Chase’s comments calling rape victims “naive and unprepared” and calls on her to apologize to constituents and survivors of sexual violence:

“Amanda Chase made an atrocious declaration, traumatizing for those who have been affected by sexual violence.” said Pohl. “Sexual assault survivors have long been told that they are to blame for rapists’ crimes and Senator Chase continues to perpetuate this narrative. I urge her to apologize for her statements and any implication that rape is caused by anything other than rapists. Survivors are not ‘naïve and unprepared’ because they were raped and these statements continue to demonstrate that Senator Chase’s extreme ideas are out of touch with the views of her constituents.

“As someone who works in advocacy, I know we can prevent sexual assault by funding primary prevention and ending rape culture. Victim-blaming and shaming contribute to rape culture and harm survivors. Virginians deserve better.”

Amanda Pohl grew up in Amelia and is a long-time resident of Chesterfield with her husband and two girls. She has spent her life in service to her community as a nonprofit professional, deacon in her church, adjunct professor of social work at VCU, and the current national president of her multicultural sorority. Amanda served as a PRN chaplain for CJW Medical Center for ten years and as a chaplain through clinical pastoral education at VCU Medical Center. Amanda is the Democratic candidate running against Amanda Chase in the 11th District of the Virginia Senate. She believes community makes us better and stronger, and that our representatives are duty-bound to be responsive to and at the service of everyone in that community. To learn more, please visit PohlforVirginia.com.


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