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VA 8th CD Dems Introduce Resolutions on Wide Variety of Topics, From “Vote by Mail” to Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure to Aggressive Climate Action to Impeaching AG Barr to Universal Healthcare


See below for an introduction by Virginia 8th CD Democratic Committee member Matt Royer, as well the text of the 43 – out of 66 that were submitted, and either approved, incorporated into similar resolutions, or voted down – “2020 8th Congressional District Democratic Convention Resolutions for Consideration.” These resolutions cover a wide variety of issues, including “Infrastructure, Environmental Protections & Clean Energy, Labor & Workers’ Rights, Healthcare & Medicine, Education, Foreign Affairs & Intelligence, and Anti-Corruption, Ethics, Tax, Finance & Election Reforms.” Just to give a feel for what we’re talking about, here’s what a few of the resolutions call for:

  • “Champion legislation that falls under the House Democrats’ proposal for a Better Deal to Rebuild America and the Senate Democrats’ proposal for A Blueprint to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure.”
  • “Reform the zoning laws in Virginia to make multi-unit zoning mandatory within a mile radius of major mass transportation hubs like Metro Stations, bus stops, Virginia Railway Express stations, Amtrak stations, and other mass transit stations for all new development.”
  • “Enact legislation adopting postal banking to provide inexpensive and reliable banking services for Americans for whom such services are not currently available.”
  • “Pursue Vote by Mail Nationwide for the 2020 General Election And Beyond”
  • Speed up the Virginia Clean Economy Act timeline “so that there will be 100% reliance on renewable energy for electricity generation in Virginia by 2036 with a proper and responsible schedule to achieve it”; and place a moratorium on approvals of any “Electric generating facilities that generate fossil fuel energy through the combustion of a fossil fuel resource…Gathering lines or pipelines for the transport of any fossil fuel resource that requires the use of eminent domain on private property…Exploration for any type of fossil fuel, unless preempted by applicable federal law.”
  • Support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763), which “would impose a $15/tonne CO2-equivalent fee on fossil fuels at the point of emission, or where they enter the US economy, and increase the fee by $10/tonne per year, or $15/tonne if the emissions reduction target is not met in the prior year, until US emissions reach 10% of 2016 levels.”
  • Support the “Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (House Resolution 2474) will remove many of these barriers to organizing, and make it easier for workers to join together in unions and negotiate a first contract.”
  • Support criminal justice reform and the end to mass incarceration
  • Fully legalize cannabis
  • Pursue strong federal gun violence prevention legislation
  • “Pursue all possible methods to protect and expand the Affordable Care Act and work towards universal healthcare coverage.”
  • “Amend the Constitution of Virginia by adding in Article as follows: ‘That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the enjoyment of life and liberty and shall not be denied or infringed upon unless justified by a compelling interest of the Commonwealth and achieved by the least restrictive means.'”
  • “[M]ake all public colleges, universities, and trade schools free and accessible for
    all, and the cancellation of all student debt.”
  • “Endorses J Street’s ‘Change the Platform’ campaign and calls for the 2020 Democratic Platform to reaffirm its commitment to Israel’s security and a two-state solution while also explicitly opposing Israel’s ‘ongoing occupation, settlement expansion and unilateral annexation of territory in the West Bank.'”
  • “Champion ethics reform legislation in the 2021 General Assembly which builds on HB 2380, introduced in 2017, which lays out a robust investigative system, provides subpoena power and requires transparency of proceeding. A new bill should, however, look at a potential consolidation of ethics agencies, propose independence of the agency, clarify a clear complaint process, and allow sanctioning power.”
  • “Impose a Wealth Tax and Restore Progressive Taxation”
  • “Censure or Impeach Attorney General William Barr”

There’s lots of great stuff in here. I strongly encourage the 8th CD convention to seriously consider supporting most or all of these resolutions!


From 8th CD Democratic Committee member Matt Royer:

“Last night after 10 weeks of hard work, the 2020 8th Congressional District Resolutions Committee submitted the resolutions to be considered at the May 16 8th CD convention. The package that was produced this year is what the committee and myself felt is the most comprehensive overview of policies that are, will continue to be or will be priorities for the Democratic party heading into the 2020 general elections and out of the current pandemic we find ourselves in.

We can all agree that there is no “normal” that we can return to but a future that is better, more inclusive, and works harder for all Virginians and Americans than the way things were. The 43 resolutions span cover Infrastructure, Environmental Protections & Clean Energy, Labor & Workers’ Rights, Healthcare & Medicine, Education, Foreign Affairs & Intelligence, and Anti-Corruption, Ethics, Tax, Finance & Election Reforms.

I was proud to have chaired this talented committee this year and to have personally submitted resolutions on:

– Rebuilding, Reinvesting, and Renewing America’s Infrastructure
– Expanding Zoning for Multi-Unit Housing and Make Affordable Housing More Accessible in Virginia
– Supporting a Green New Deal for Virginia, Building Off of the Virginia Clean Economy
– Protecting the Virginia Minimum Wage Increase in 2021
– Cannabis Legalization
– Reforming Pharmaceuticals, Limiting Drug Prices, and Holding Big Pharma Accountable
– Gun Safety Reform in the United States
– Supporting Efforts to Close the Opportunity Gap in Virginia Public Schools
– Vote by Mail Nationwide


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