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Poll: Virginians Support “Black Lives Matter” by Greater Than a 2:1 Margin; Major Partisan, Age, Gender and Racial Differences

Virginia Dems support BLM 89%-2%; Republicans oppose BLM 56%-14%


Check out the new polling from Civiqs, which finds strong support for the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement nationally (53%-27%) and in Virginia (56%-25%). Within Virginia, here’s how it breaks out among registered voters:

  • Support for BLM among young people (18-34) is overwhelming, at 69% Support-16% Oppose. Support is also very strong (61%-23%) among those ages 35-49. Support is weakest (43%-32%) among those ages 65+.
  • There’s a significant “gender” gap, with women overwhelmingly (64%-19%) supporting BLM, while men are at 47%-32% support.
  • There’s a massive partisan difference, with Democrats almost unanimously (an astounding 89%-2%!) supporting BLM, while Republicans are heavily (14%-56%) *opposed* to BLM. Independents are much closer to Democrats, with 52%-25% support for BLM.
  • There’s a big racial difference, with African Americans almost unanimously (86%-4%) supporting BLM, with Latinos/Hispanics also overwhelmingly (71%-15%) supportive, and with Whites at 46%-31% support.



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